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Reflecting on another year of unexpected challenges, we are reminded once again of that classic phrase, “It takes a village.” This phrase is said so often these days that to many it may lose the weight of its truth, but at Aboriginal Outfitters, we understand just how profound these words are. Our mission is to help change the stigma associated with trauma, mental health, and other issues within our indigenous communities by working across boundaries to create a culture of respect and understanding toward the role our earth and ecological efforts play in healing. We seek out innovative solutions to forge change and make a lasting impact by providing those in need with access to critical resources and programs that promote healing and growth through mediums like art, storytelling, and community empowerment.


We see the adversities affecting indigenous persons every day, and we know that the challenges faced can be overcome by finding the right support and by understanding their correlation to the turmoil around our planet. Our ancestors understood this incredible connection better than anyone, and today we seek to build bridges for those suffering from the pains of mental illness, depression, and lack of resources, leading them to a better understanding of how one can overcome these challenges. At Aboriginal Outfitters, our vision is to create a better, more sustainable relationship with our earth and our ancestors by removing generational barriers and providing access to critical tools and resources to reconnect our communities to the land through impactful ecological efforts focused on restoration and grounded in our rich cultural history.


Our multi-generational approach is founded on our pillars of respect, teaching that we respect the earth and all forms of biodiversity, we respect our history, who we are, and where we came from, and we respect one another, our physical, and mental and spiritual health. Our focus on community wellness allows us to provide tools and resources to those in need so that we might reconnect them to the land through impactful ecological efforts focused on restoration and grounded in healing through our cultural history. This allows us to continue the efforts of our ancestors.


But the truth is, we cannot do this alone. We need your help! We need partners who are willing to donate to help us in our mission to reconnect those in pain and need with the proper resources while acknowledging the critical role our world plays in this healing process as well. 

The work we do changes lives. We see it on the faces of those we serve each day. Your partnership can profoundly impact our reach with this program and help us affect real change in the lives of so many people. 


So, will you join us in making this happen?

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